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Thank you for my gorgeous heart!!! I just got her and I love her! I am obsessed with this opal. It is so beautiful. I could get lost in it. And I love the texture and how it feels to hold. Your Insta post was spot on that it looks like a work of art, like paint. And thank you so much for the bonus baby!!

~Kathleen R.



Just received my package💓💓💓!

Every special piece I have adopted is so special and ethereal, they bring me so much joy and peace. The tower is magnificent! I love her! And thank you sooooo much for the beautiful gifts. Thanks a million Leslie!!!!

-Gladys G.


Good morning Leslie,
I just received my gorgeous lepidolite.
I am once again blown away. It’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so so much!!!
And thank you for the special gift.
Cannot wait to adopt another of your precious gems ❤️❤️❤️
-Gladys G.


OMG! Leslie!!! They are GORGEOUS!!! (Tiffany Stones) And holy moly the velvet bags they came in! I NEED to make a blanket out of that material! Thank YOU for the gifts as well. I love everything ❤️❤️❤️

-Annie S.


I got it!!!!!!!! (Tiffany Stone) Oh my WORD it's soooooo beautiful!!!!!!! 😍❤️🌈 Thank you so much Leslie!!! I am in LOVE 😍😍😍❤️ I'm still looking at it lol. I can't get over how stunning it is!!!! It's so special ❤️

-Jessica Y.


I just received my stunning egg❤️❤️❤️. She’s so stunning!!! Thank you so much for your kindness in saving her for me and for your gift. I will treasure her forever.

-Gladys G.


Oh my gosh Leslie, thank you. This crystal is Divine. I do not think I have ever been happier with.... I don’t want to say “purchase”...With the gift of being able to acquire such a magnificent crystal spirit. Thank you, again. *bows deeply.* Ps. Baby Rainbow 🌈 Magic is also very much appreciated and already most beloved.✨

-Frankie R.


I will start off by saying Leslie is amazing 💞 I'm so happy that I found her shop. I been looking for a Tiffany stone for a while. I'm so happy that I found one with Leslie. You could tell Leslie puts lots of love in her packages. My Tiffany stone is even better in person. It has a sweet and peaceful energy. I'm super happy I made this purchase! it exceed my expectations😍 I strongly recommend Leslie and her shop it's been an amazing experience🦋

-Alejandra Z.


I got my beautiful selenite today!!!! I love it! Thank you for the rose Quartz! What a wonderful surprise. Rose quartz is the first crystal that drew me to find out more about them. Its one of the crystals i carry with me often. son and I sat for a long time and just looked at all the rainbows and other beautiful markings on the selenite  its already next to my bed with beautiful crystals on top.

-Jennifer R.


I LOVE my Dragons Tooth, wand, and the beautiful pink quartz...Thank you!!!! It was all here waiting for me when I got home from work. When I opened the box and held the crystals, I felt the craziest sensation of peace. I actually lost my breath-it was an incredible moment. I honestly don't think I've ever felt that sense of peace before-It was a truly different experience. And what is that magnificent smell that wafted out of the box? I wanted to stick my head in the box and breathe it in...Thank you so much Leslie!

I can't tell you how much all this means to me. You are a truly an Angel and I'm so incredibly blessed to know you! I just can't get over the Dragons Tooth it is really magical- I'm in LOVE! And in AWE! It's just magnificent.

I'm sorry-I keep going on and on... I think I'm in shock-A good type of shock..AMAZING!

-Shari M.